The Committee

LWMS members elect a management committee each year. The members of the committee represent the membership at large, and are responsible for the running of the Society, and guiding its direction. The committee selects shows and recruits an artistic team to stage it, and then supports that team through the production process. The committee usually meets monthly to discuss financials, upcoming productions, fundraising, publicity and social activities. Any member can request items to be discussed at committee, by contacting us.

Management committee 2020-21

Chairman Tabitha Bradburn
Vice Chairman Laura Simmons
Treasurer Sam Henshaw
Secretary Pat Rogers
Ticket Secretary John Bradshaw
Production Co-Ordinator Lucy Maxwell
House Manager Hazel Wallsgrove
Membership Secretary Hannah Gilkes
Press & Publicity Nick Kaijaks, Pat Montgomery, Judy Wellicome
Social & Fundraising Laura Simmons, Judy Wellicome
Librarian June Sutherland