9 to 5 the Musical casting
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9 to 5 the Musical casting

Image of red-push pin by Slashme, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=107004926

We are delighted to announce the cast for our 2024 production of 9 to 5 the Musical!

Actor Role
Zoe HobmanJudy Bernly
Nikki Claire CrossDoralee Rhodes
Lizzie BuckinghamViolet Newstead
David WaltersFranklin Hart
Lucy MaxwellRoz Keith
Amy MacphersonKathy/Ensemble
Kristiana HamiltonMargaret/Ensemble
Ruby Sarah JacksonMaria Delgado/Ensemble
Sarah PhippsMissy Hart/Ensemble
Rose LiddellCandy Striper/Ensemble
Andrew ThomasJoe/Ensemble
Chris BowenDwayne Rhodes/Ensemble
Nick KaijaksRussell Tinsworthy/Ensemble
Matthew BougheyJosh Newstead/Ensemble
Tia BrooksEnsemble
Fiona FarnsworthEnsemble
Frances HallEnsemble
Abigail LovedayEnsemble
Caitlin LovedayEnsemble
Ioanna MontanaEnsemble
Leigh-Anne MoranEnsemble
Melissa PerryEnsemble
Laura SimmonsEnsemble
Becky SmithEnsemble
Jodie SudlowEnsemble
Adam ThomasEnsemble
Holly WhitakerEnsemble
Victoria WhiteEnsemble

Other parts to be played by members of the company.